Offset and Axis Replay have joined forces to create AXSD media to focus on live and virtual streamed events. AXSD Media is a production company that focuses primarily on streamed events. Since COVID-19 is still happening, music and events are going virtual, and its time to build on other hybrid events. It includes a virtual prom with actor and comedian Desi Banks. Offset wants to provide support to emerging artists. He wants to celebrate new talent by providing them with a platform to be seen and heard. It is a chance to bring artists, fans, and other audiences together globally while providing a unique and intimate concert experience. With the AXR+EXP Concert Series, it will feature new and emerging artists performing live on stream. The monthly concert series is focused on empowering both artists and audience members to own and navigate their own concert experiences.

The AXR+EXP Concert Series will feature a live rooftop performance that will be held at the CODA Building in Atlanta and will adhere to CDC recommendations. Rapid COVID-19 testing will be available on-site to screen 50 attendees.

The first concert produced by the Offset and Axis Replay partnership will broadcast on FutureStream today. Tickets may be purchased at

AXR SD Media is a joint venture between recording artist Offset and innovative experiential esports and gaming company, Axis Replay. A production company focused on high-tech entertainment and events, with firm roots in music, entertainment, esports, gaming, and sports, AXR SD Media focuses on creating unparalleled fan and community engagement through unforgettable experiences.