Langston Bleu had a chance to do a virtual performance for ASCAP for their ‘On the Come Up’ showcase. With a 10-minute clip, he performed his hit single “Slow Down,” “You,” and “Waiting.” Born and raised in DC, Langston moved to Atlanta to venture his music career. Bleu starts us off by “slowing it down” for us by not wanting to move too quickly. Behind him are filled with plants and white roses to set the mood just right. Next up, he performs “You” and he explained that the track is about that it has a sexy vibe and is about how someone made you feel. If you are falling in on the deep end off of their love, then this song is perfect for you to vibe out to. To close it out, he performs “Waiting,” but switches up with a quick poem about himself, as an artist, which lead to the Jamaican sound and style of the single.

Peep how we can be “bleu” above.