Brian Brown Releases Two Song: ‘Vanity Pack’ [LISTEN]

Brian Brown releases two singles: “Car & Driver” and “RIP Limelight” off of the EP, Vanity Pack. As the Nashville star releases the two single treat, it has been a lot of things on his during the pandemic, and he would love to share what was going on in the world through his music. If you born and raised in the city of a country music town, then you know that the single “RIP Limelight” was a monumental and historic place for us! As a Nashville native, I was ecstatic that this single had came to life because the sound reminds of an old school vibes growing up with our parents in the 70’s. It brings back so many memories. As Brown released his debut project, Journey, earlier this year, the project from beginning to end is filled with hits on hits with some of the notable artists, producers and creatives who have contributed to the project.

Listen to the singles below.

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