Paul Wall Sits Down With Red Bull On How He Created His New Album, SUBCULTURE

Today, Red Bull is pleased to announce Red Bull Studio Sessions: The Paul Wall Edition, the latest episode from its series that gives fans exclusive access to the creative process of an iconic musical artist and a team of emerging songwriting and production talent. The latest installment brings fans in-studio with Houston’s cherished and chart-topping rapper Paul Wall along with producers Crash and T-Why and songwriters Cappa, Dash and Wow Jones over the course of three creative days at Red Bull Music Studios in Los Angeles.

In the 14-minute, making-of episode, fans can watch as Red Bull brings the Grammy-nominated rapper to the studio to work with a diverse cast of writers and producers and document the inner workings, successes and creative process of making a handful of new tracks in a very short amount of time.

It gives fans behind-the-scenes access to the intimate moments and electric energy of creating music together in a short amount of time. Wall, who was at the forefront of Houston’s burgeoning rap scene in the early 2000s is responsible for chart-topping hits like “Grillz” with Nelly, “Drive Slow” with Kanye West and “Holla at Me” with DJ Khaled.

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