Revolt Summit was virtual this weekend from Friday, October 23 to Sunday, October 25. 2 Chainz, Light Skin Keisha and Rick Ross have recently performed in the honor of HBCU with Chainz hit single “Money Maker.” The superstars have stated that HBCU’s have became the greeting ground of one of the most successful doctors, lawyers, entertainers and more. HBCU colleges defines at a larger scale than some PWI colleges and has a greater impact into the community by showcasing their talent. Three students, who are freshman, will be experiencing their first homecoming virtually and when they discovered a notification about the activities, City Girls give us insights on what will happen. 2 Chainz gave us a lit performance on HBCU campus of his hit single “Money Maker” with the dance team and band. Rick Ross comes right behind me performing the hit single “I’m Not a Star.” Lastly but certainly not least, Atlanta native Light Skin Keisha performed in a classroom while she presenting a presentation to the class.