The hip-hop mogul, KenDough Slice, releases his eight-minute debut visual to “Tell Em Jamie.” The movie starts out as two co hosts interact with each other about the rapper. As they introduce the Windy City rapper, as one of the outstanding players, on the field! His success lived on by scoring six touchdowns and having over 250 yards. Co-hosts asked the viewers, who are tuned in, on why the rapper shows up late to game days, getting into it with referees and team members, and more. By remaking the Any Given Sunday scene, Slice had sat down with the correspondent for an exclusive interview to clear some things up. He describes his game by going above and beyond to get what you want. KenDough represents his city Chicago to the core by explaining that life isn’t fair. He states, “There is no such thing as number 2 in life.” Slice wants you to know that when interacting with him that you should grow or see the vision when working with him while completing the mission by bouncing off ideas and having conversation about the way he thinks and speaks. KenDough ends it with the fine melodies and that there is no limit to the money, as he is the new Master P.