Beyoncé and Peloton Announces Unprecedented Partnership

Peleton is one of the leading interactive fitness platform. They have announced that they are partnering with Beyoncé to share a central component of the Peleton class experience and pro-social initiatives. By the partnership, Peleton is commending Beyoncé’s HOMECOMING season that was an annual fall celebration for students who attended an HBCU. Both have worked closely together for creating a series of themed workout experiences to help extend HOMECOMING to Peleton members via classes across fitness channels and categories. Certain meditation and yoga classes, if you download the 30-day free trial app, you will experience it with equipment. Peleton and Beyonce will be gifting two-year Peleton digital memberships to students at 10 HBCU’s, Bennett College, Clark Atlanta University, Grambling State University, Hampton University, Howard University, Morehouse College and Morehouse School of Medicine, Spelman College, Texas Southern University, and Wilberforce University, by the end of November.

“Peloton and I both believe that the power of music can help uplift, motivate and inspire those on their fitness journeys,” said Beyoncé. “I’ve been a Peloton member for several years, and I’m excited to partner with a company that helps people, young and old, be the best versions of themselves, in an innovative and adaptable way. I’m proud to celebrate the students at HBCUs with this donation, to encourage them to find and embrace their own wellness regimens,” Beyoncé states.

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