Savvy “Zoom” In and Out on His Latest Track [LISTEN]

Savvy returns with his latest track “Zoom.” He “zooms” in and out just like a camera when you focus on taking a picture. He comes off strong with a vibe with a beat, it reminds me of coffee or drink pouring into the cup. Lens craft turning into a perfection is such a beautiful thing. When tuning and tweaking it to make the picture right and the optics will show. Savvy recently released his hit single with Mike Floss called “Bag/Purse” that is still spinning! He describes on how he came up with the song by a fellow colleague was mad at him wearing a “bag/purse” and it inspired him to do the leading single today. As he lays out the adjustments and steps on how to get a perfect picture, Savvy will let you know how to zoom in and out with his latest track below.

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