Quis Chandla Spreads a Message About Protecting Our Queens With Samad Savage and Nata

Jersey native, Quis Chandla released his new visual “Protect Our Queens” that features Samad Savage and Nata. As the video begins, he loves R. Kelly but supports the Me Too Movement about how he can’t support a pedophile and how he has nieces to look out for. Men should protect their Queens specifically black women of how much we put up with the stress, forgiveness, and more. Quis shows us an example of dressing all black to represent black lives matter and how our melanin isn’t compared to any other race. Nata came in so effortlessly while rapping on how black women are on top of a vision board. She also came so hard with stating, “We at the protest fighting for our frontline. Black women have your back please just let us in whether she is a Coretta Scott or a Lil’ Kim.” Queens should all should be seen as precious no matter what the situation is. Samad Savage raps “Black women love unconditionally.” At the end of the video, there was a tribute to Breonna Taylor on when she was killed by police officers and needing justice for it.

Peep the latest visual above on how to “Protect our streets, Protect our peace and Protect our queens.”

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