Monica is Partnering With March On and SEIU To Encourage Voters to Vote With A Drive-Thru Concert Saturday

Parking Lot Concert have announced that Monica will be performing this Saturday, December 19 for free at the Gateway Center Arena from 3pm to 8pm. This is something the Atlanta singer has wanted to do, and she has partnered with March On and SEIU to encourage voters to go out and vote. The election in Atlanta for Senate as it has started for early voting and ending next Friday, January 1, 2021. This is a good Christmas celebration as Monica has been going up for a few months ever since the Verzuz battle with Brandy Norwood. As many fans would love to see this match as it has been over 20 years since “Street Symphony” singer has been in the game. After the Verzuz battle, she released her debut single with Lil’ Baby “TRENCHES” that is topping the charts.

Peep the announcement below and purchase your tickets.

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