Memphis legend TayKeith has announced that he will be partnering with McDonalds for a limited edition of crispy chicken sandwich, as well as, capsule of clothing. It was shown on Instagram and it received so much love. The multi-platinum producer has a huge year successfully especially in 2018 with him doing big tracks with Lil’ Yachty, Beyonce and more. The launch of the partnership starts on Thursday, February 18 by giving fans an early taste of the new crispy sandwich by clicking here.

By being the hype of the release is early access to the sandwich, a never before heard audio track created by TayKeith on a seven inch vinyl. You can only get the track with the drop of the sandwich. Also, you get a limited edition of the hoodie that represent the crispy sandwich in one word “crispyjuicytender” that features a waveform design of TayKeith’s origina