New York rap duo,​Tireek​ and ​Lonely Leonard,​ released their debut collaborative 10-track album, CROOKLAND. A portion of the profit, from the album plus merch, will go to the NAACP Criminal Justice program. The album paints a vivid in picture of the duo’s reality in the world while spreading a positive message to their fans.

While meeting in college to collaborate for the first time, they had realized that they have a gift to share to the world through music. “Working together felt natural,” says Tireek. “The energy and chemistry was there from the start.” 

With the release of the album, CROOKLAND, they want this project to cover the talks about the injustice and obstacles of our communities that we face on a daily basis. Lonely Leonard states, “People so quick to call us Crooks when they don’t even know us, I figured I’d introduce them to some.”

Make sure you guys check out the album below of how they define the world we live in.