LA rap scene shining, and today Compton native Kalan.FrFr releases his debut album TwoFr 2. As a recent signee to Roc Nation, he had the opportunity to release his album under the iconic label. The album features Mozzy, Stunna 4 Vegas, and Cypress Moreno. As it still a pandemic, we had chatted with Kalan about the message entails with the album, with him being signed with Roc Nation and more.

SWJ: You will be sharing your debut album, TwoFr 2, this Friday, what does the message entail?

I want to share myself with fans and people who have been supporting me. It is kind of like introducing myself to the world. Atlanta people understand how I move by the standards that I live by through emotions. I was pouring out my heart on this project.

SWJ: What is the meaning of your album name? Why did you name that?

When making the first TwoFr project, it changed my life. I haven’t looked back since then. With the first project, it solidified who I am to be able to be back in that space and the feeling was so right to name this project, TwoFr 2. 

SWJ: With you being signed to Roc Nation, what was your reaction when finding out you were being signed to them?

It was very exciting to be signed. It was overwhelming because a lot of stuff that I had done gave it a lot of purpose in places where I felt lost at filling in those voids. It made me hungry and wanted to work more. 

SWJ: What is your favorite song off of the album that you love to make? Why?

“I Like” because it was my funnest song making because there are five different versions to this one song. 

SWJ: What made you start writing love songs?

I don’t really write songs. I will say what comes to my head in front of the microphone. It is all off of subconscious and how I am feeling at the time and where I am at. 

SWJ: Who are your top five favorite artists you want to work with by putting an album together or be in the studio with?

Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Pharrell, Young Thug and Future.

SWJ: What can we expect this year from you? A virtual concert?

We can do whatever we want as long as you have your mask on.