Langston Bleu has been in the industry for a while by recreating his sound. With the release of his debut project, Bleu, he has brought R&B back to a whole new level with his sound. As “Numb (Interlude)” keeps replaying in the back of my head, every hour on the hour, Bleu keeps giving us that artistry we are looking for right now. By having over 400k streams of his latest project, we can say that it will be a timeless project. How did Langston Bleu get his name? Well during a private listening session, he had confessed that Langston Hughes is one of the greats he looks up to while studying the recording industry in his career. With his two leading singles: “You” and “Slow Down,” it has topped the charts prior to the release of his project. It had gotten him the opportunity to be on the Ebro Show playing the track for him. Langston has came with melodic sounds and a voice to match.

By studying the greats in the industry, such as, The Dream, Brandy, Beyoncé and more, Bleu gives us a taste of what will be more to come within his music. As another favorite track “Love on the Rocks,” of mine, it gives me the vibes of that you should choose love even though it is on the rocks. When taking three shots, you will fall in love but you will be stumbling on some rocks along the way. Even though Valentine’s Day is over, you can still call the “1-800-Bone” line if needing to be in your zone while the drink is strong. This is the single that brings the sexy back when hitting her up on a late night and she is the one that crosses your mind.

Another track that is very intimate is called “Bleu.” Langston lets his girl know by facing the truth by giving us #BleuConfessions. He gives his time and heart to her, but Langston tried to let her know and make it right, but she made him feel “bleu.” Bleu is definitely bringing R&B on another level, and we love to see it. With the album artwork and putting time into this project before the world heard it was such an incredible music to our ears. Peep his latest seven-track project below and let you decide which track you love and vibe to below.