Young Thug and Young Stoner Records Release Anticipated Album Slime Language 2 [LISTEN]

Over the course of a few months now, Young Thug has teased us some snippets from his latest album, Slime Language 2, he had released today which features his artists from the Young Stoner label, and also, other features from Future, Drake, Lil’ Uzi Vert, Big Sean, Travis Scott and more. It features tracks from “Take it to Trial,” “GFU,” and “That Go.” The first series of Slime Language had came out back in 2018. So three years later, we had to get the most intensive beats and lyrics this year from the underground rising label. Young Stoner is a family that has a bond like any other team or label. The label has continued to evolve in over the years as a powerhouse that is taking over the culture and airwaves in the South preferably Atlanta.

Young Thug and Gunna also had released the visual to the hit track “Ski” that everyone has vibes to from the album all day. Before the record had released, Thug had created a dance from the snippet and sooner or later, when the album had came out, many stars have mocked the routine and styled it their own way as a representation that they support the Atlanta native.

Peep the latest visual from the cats below.

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