Lonny The Street Lawyer got his street credit by being a lawyer. As a DC native, Lonny wanted to get into the cannabis market with the city voting to legalizing it. His success grew with his business, Street Lawyer Services, and had potential to inspire others to get on the level with their businesses. Before getting to the cannabis industry, Lonny was a criminal defense attorney who has represented a lot of people, who were involved in drug cases. Once it made legal to the community, it was green light for Lonny by giving him the opportunity to make a change while understanding the culture. The guru understood all angles of the cannabis industry when starting it. Putting everything in motion, he has expanded it to have a marketing office that will promote his legal services by using his resources. As orchestrating a company the right way, he makes it look very easy with the help of his SLS team to keep and promote the products on social media. As a CEO, Lonny the Street Lawyer made sure to focus on his business and provide a safe space for the environment he has created for the people.

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