With it being a female-owned distillery, True Legacy Vodka is founded by Big Percy and Spirits Lab. The brand is amplifying minority voices and creating lifestyles than just the bottle. The definition of true is fully realized or fulfilled meaning dreams come true and legacy is a gift by will. The vodka is a lifestyle and not following the rules but to forge your own path, breaking barriers and sharing the legacy to the world. It is handcrafted in New York that is seven times distilled and triple-filtered that increases the purity of the spirit.

“For years, I’ve collaborated and created with the world’s leading brands and talent. It’s now my time to leave my own Legacy,” explains Big Percy. “To watch this brand come to life is a dream come true, it’s my turn to show the world what we are capable of…. leaving our mark, our legacy.”

True Legacy has launched initially in New York, Florida, Colorado and California. True Legacy is also available for purchase online, with shipping to 46 states, at truelegacyvodka.com.