Icy Season is coming! As it becomes winter and no hot girl season, Saweetie has spoken with Julia and Bru at the concert in L.A. over the weekend, she has revealed that her project will arrive in the winter. She has also explained why she releasing it during the winter because it is ideal to cater to my fans during our season. “Being icy” has nothing to do with jewelry but its a mentality. All my icy girls are go getters, hustlers, good people and more.

When releasing the debut album, Pretty Bitch Music, was suppose to arrive over the summer but got delayed. It is because she wants to feel every song and make sure it is right for her. There is no new dates on when the new album will release but won’t disappoint

“I’m currently working on a project that I’ll be releasing during the winter time called Icy Season,” she said. “It’s just kinda to get you guys ready for Pretty Bitch Music.”