Ashley Fouyolle, founder of UNWRP, has teamed up with Sprite to release her custom gift wrapping paper. Ashley is a designer who started the company in Brooklyn apartment with the goal of cultivating a diverse community of artists who share a passion for bringing color into the world that perfectly aligns with Sprite’s core values. As Sprite brings back the fan-favorite Winter Spiced Cranberry holiday LTO flavor nationwide and introducing the new cranberry zero sugar for the first time. By celebrating the launch, Sprite teamed up with UNWRP to create custom gift wrap inspired by the bold flavors of Winter Spiced Cranberry. We have caught up with the Brooklyn owned creator of how she started her business and what made her started creating such an authentic business and more.

  • How did you come up with your company name UNWRP ?

I went through a very long list of ways to say wrapping paper without saying wrapping paper. The first name was On The Roll like for example wrapping paper on the roll. My boyfriend thought that wouldn’t stick very long or over that name in a couple of months. I’m so glad that he suggested that. I went to the drawing board again and wrote down UNWRAP and was pretty sure that it was taken. I was thinking what happens if I remove the vowels? Would that work? I went on the trademark site and searched it up and saw it was available, and UNWRP has been the name ever since because it is nice and short and you can remember very easily.

  • Did you like wrapping gifts when you were growing up? Why?

Yes, it stems from my childhood. While growing up in the household, of me being the oldest of five children, my mom made sure that every gift was wrapped. So I remember in the ‘90s, when we were in the living room, every wrapped gift was everywhere. It was truly a celebration I look forward to every year on Christmas Day. So wrapping paper was very important to me because my mom was so serious about this experience. She never gave a gift that was unwrapped so I have taken on that tradition as well. It is truly creating an experience by having someone getting that element of a surprise. If it’s cool wrapping paper, the person will appreciate the time and effort towards the wrapping experience. I want to introduce it to others and that is important.

  • How did you team up with Sprite to make such a marvelous collaboration? Why?

Sprite sought me out by creating such a heavy buzz on my business. I got on their radar, and we partnered to create something special for the holiday season. So we created a custom gift wrapping paper to represent their Sprite Cranberry flavor. It picks up all the elements and flavors of the soda and brings it onto the paper. Both wrapping paper and flavor gives you that bold experience.

  • What do you want the people who buy your wrapping paper to learn from it?

Let’s not lose that one-on-one touch experience when we are in person and/or either being online all day. It feels easy and seamless, but we should appreciate that connection that we do have in person and create experience that we do have. They will appreciate the in person gift rather than a social post.

  • What is the hardest gift that you wrapped?

Anything circular like if someone tried to request a basketball. I will be like lets find a gift bag or a box that this can go into that will have some straight lines. That is why I introduced product assortment because I started with gift wrap but added bags because of that particular reason.