Atlanta star Future and his Freewishes Foundation has made a strong impact to the community. On Friday afternoon, April 15, the Freewishes Foundation have a special reveal of their renovation of Columbia High School’s weight room. Future and his family have been giving back to his former school through events, workshops and scholarships to seniors and more. Both Future and sister, Tia Wilburn, realized that their old stomping grounds are needing a new updated weight room.

As Future comes in with his team, he was greeted with the Columbia’s High band. As he graciously walks into the updated weight room, he had cut the red ribbon with his old coach, sister, Tia, and faulty and staff. When coming into a fresh paint room, Future is happy that his old stomping grounds had a remarkable renovation from what it was to what it is now.

Go check out the video below of when Free Wishes Giveaway.