Davion Farris raises the curtain as he releases his debut EP, Moved, today with Hillman Records. The leading single “Tunnel Vision” premiered earlier this week with a visual. It is a seven-song EP that gained momentum when he dropped his hit single “Bad Guy” last month following “Sometimes” track that gives a heart-wrenching compositions to date. Both of the tracks are including in the project.

“I want my fans to feel seen, heard, and understood,” Davion recently said of MOVED.  “I want them to know that a strong black man can be vulnerable and that vulnerability helps make him whole.”

Davion was introduced in the fall of 2021 to Lena Waithe in partnership with Def Jam. He has learned the mission of storytelling and artistry from the perspective of diverse and voices.

MOVED EP by Davion Farris – track listing:

1.  Tunnel Vision

2.  Make Love

3.  Bad Guy

4.  Too Late 

5.  Sometimes

6.  Wake Up Alone

7.  Best Advice