Spokane native, PIVE has released the second series of his latest album, I Will Forever Be, that features Rose The Mermaid, Jehry Robinson and Dubbygotbars. With his sophomore album, he has been writing for 20 years, and now it is his turn to tell his story. He wanted to create new sound elements with potent verses while retaining the edge of being next in the hip-hop scene. It will be more melodic and singing hooks to it compared to Act I. PIVE states, “He wants to come into the form of who he wants to be as an artist.”  By being homeless & battling addiction in the past, it was time for him to get it together and write music but it took a global pandemic to take action but it never stopped the buzz from the “Respect My Region” artist. As an artist, he states, “I’m not going to rep my city because I’m not going to rep the politicians, but I will represent the people of my region, and I will make you Respect My Region.” This album will set the community up a storm by the “magic” he creates with the act.