“I was f*n the girls, I was going to get right back!” The R&B duo, dvsn, has caused mixed reactions with their latest single “If I Get Caught” that was sampled by hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z “Song Cry” from his 2001 album The Blueprint. The song was co-produced by Nineteen85 and Bryan-Michael Cox, and it explores the relationship between a man and a woman. As Daniel sings about a woman who doesn’t intend to cheat even though it happened because he no longer has feelings about the lover. While some were on his side with their views as many were frustrated. It has sparked conversations about R&B and what is missing. Sessions spoke with the R&B duo, dvsn, about the single “If I Get Caught.”

Sessions: Let’s get into it. What made you guys want to record the track “If I Get Caught?”

dvsn: *laughs* I don’t think anyone wants to get caught, some people want to do the other part. Getting caught is a risk that you take. It is a honest conversation about people who choose to take that risk usually because they are stroking their ego. This album is a story and it is just chapter one of it by dealing with the ego. You are getting to this person and/or mentality by their thoughts. We knew when we played it in rooms, the room will burst into arguments then come back and never seen a record do this before especially not an R&B song. There is something here and the honesty on how it is put by the vocals and chorus. The blend of the perfect storm.

Sessions: How long have you been sitting on this record?

dvsn: January of 2022. We have been really been sitting and testing it for so long. It is also a great opening to a story that is unfolding. Anyone that is looking for the R&B of the crying, love and rain and all of those things. You got to show those parts.

Sessions: What made you sample or pick JAY-Z’s track “Song Cry?”

dvsn: Jermaine Dupri was the person. By talking through the whole song and writing the verse in 30 minutes, we didn’t know if that was the perfect sample if it made sense to use it. Jermaine said just to use it and it became a perfect story.

Sessions: What can you take from the reactions from the fans and people?

dvsn: a lot of shock. I learned on how quickly people jumped to conclusions by not actually seeing the whole picture. I learned how the Internet can get. We hadn’t had anything like by waking up being the No. 1 trending on Twitter because up and arms at us. I look and see more people changing the tune and liking the song. People are owning it more and accepting it by can’t getting out of their head. The first 24 hours was whoa!

Sessions: Do you take heed to what people are saying?

dvsn: It is a little bit of both. We are people who keeps a relationship with their fans and keep tapping in to them. We know what you guys want. We keep our ears open because the fans and people have to listen to the artist because we are the ones who can create it. We are trying to present something to you and you have to be confident in your final product by making sure it is perfect.

Sessions: What can we expect from this album? New sound?

dvsn: I hope so. I hope people take that do as fresh. I always want to be growing because if not, you are declining. Yes, this is new but this is dvsn. The very meaning of dvsn and for the people that don’t know what it is is on their own and even if it is being divided by the rest. We giving you us but we are giving you 2022-2023 us.