Tay Keith, This Too Hard!

Grammy-nominated producer Tay Keith set the tone for the city of Memphis with his legendary accolades plus more. As being one of the youngest producers in his belt producing multi-million hits, Tay Keith develops his own distinct taste on what Memphis rap can be. As he thrives on providing a new wave, he has been able to work amongst the beefs and conflicts by building personal relationship and broaden his music.

As it is the biggest day of the year for Memphis, we have interviewed one of the hottest producers in the game that has cultivated trap beats to a whole different level. As Tay Keith learn the game from hip-hop icon, DJ Khaled, he learns the ins and outs of the entertainment industry and more. We had discussed what Memphis can be in the next few years, how he is going to give back to the community and more.

Sessions: What does 901 mean to you?

901 I can say is the grind and the ambition along with the struggle. The culture is also something that I think about that is very strong in Memphis.

Sessions: With so many accomplishments from the start of your career until now, what can you say to your younger self to where you are now?

Keep working and focus on participation in school. It had a major impact on my career and education and to keep going. I got where i am at not being an academic person but don’t worry about that keep going and working!

Sessions: Congratulations on having two tracks on DJ Khaled’s recent album, tell me a little bit about that.

I have worked with Khaled for about four years now and we always have our boss talk. He always motivates me to keep going and outside of music, he gives me guidance. It is a no-brainer that he is going to mess with it and he is going to do what he got to do. When it comes to doing songs, it’s straight club bangers. He wants that grind dirty south sound.

Sessions: Since it is 901 Day, do you think there should be a collaboration with all artists in the city? I know there is a 901 Fest that is today with Big Boogie, Duke Deuce and 8Ball & MJG and more. Will it continue to celebrate this day each year as it has an impact?

Yes, when it comes to our day. It is a common day to celebrate a bigger level. It has a stronger culture because of the music and the reason why we should celebrate 901 Day. The music is the culture but the problem Memphis is still divided among the music culture. There is so much talent coming out of Memphis. It is going to take time. I was the person who brought a lot of things together, even though the artists didn’t get along with each other. Spreading that positive energy and vibe.

Sessions: In the next few years, would you throw a small gathering for the community and city?

I had a couple things that I have talked about and put work into it. We just haven’t finalized anything just yet. I make sure I give back a lot to the city and community. We have done our Christmas donation each year, as well as, Rent for Family and partnered up with Memphis City Schools and rewarded three students $5000. I would love to change someone’s life by helping.

Sessions: What is next for Tay Keith for the rest of the year?

I had a lot of big records this year. I am working on opening up a new studio. I am building a foundation of my own for my music and calling it my home. 2023 focusing on getting to the next level.