Muni Long, breakthrough r&b star, announces that she will be releasing her album, Public Displays of Affection, that will be out on September 23. The 18-track fulfills the wishes of fans from everywhere that compiles smash hit “Hrs And Hrs,” “Pain,” “Another” and more. It will include five new tracks. The soundtrack that mimics the ebbs and flows of a relationship, dipping and diving between moods and sounds. The reason the title of the album worked because love was absent in R&B. Before her start to fame, Muni spent a decade as one of the best kept secret weapon in the industry. Her journey as a songwriter resulted as a diverse catalog of hits.


1. Conversation

2. Cartier

3. Crack

4. Lemons

5. Ain’t Easy

6. To Do List

7. Hrs & Hrs

8. Plot Twist 

9. Plot Twist (Interlude)

10. Time Machine

11. Butterfly Effect

12. The Words

13. Pain

14. Another

15. No Signal

16. No R&B

17. IMU

18. Baby Boo featuring Saweetie