Memphis emcee, K. Carbon, has been breaking the charts with her girls, Slimeroni, Gloss, and Aleza, with their hit singles “Shabooya,” “Set the Tone,” “Hot Potato” and more. As K. Carbon gears up to go on tour next week with GloRilla on tour. This is a prime example of what getting rich with your ratchet ass friends is suppose to be. By the Tik Tok hit single “Shabooya,” may people are really looking forward for the next group of female emcees to take the stage. With the help of Memphis producer, HitKidd, he has geared and helped these ladies for a successful career in music for them and put the city Memphis on a high pedestal with how the city leverages their artists and how they stand behind them.

Read below on what K. Carbon has cooked up in the new year.

What can we expect this year for 2023? New Music?

2023 got a lot of stuff together of course but I, also, have some singles coming out with features. I am excited about who I get to work with and work with new people and step outside my lane.

What is your favorite single that you have recorded so far?

My favorite single is “Switch” because of the flow and how I have grown on that track.

What is your most memorable 2022 moment?

The people i have met that year by seeing Chris Brown and Drake. It has really meant something to me.