KenDough Slice is the definition of the Windy City! With the release of his latest single “40’s” that pays homage to juke music, KenDough wants to carve a lane for himself to invent a new sound. DJ Elmoe produced the Chicago juke debut single. The track pops off as a radiant anthem laced with bouncy big screen production. It sets the stage for his anxiously awaited forthcoming project that will be released soon. With his raunchy verses, KenDough delivers an instantly irresistible anthem. Directed by Brian Hannah (Deuce), the kinetic accompanying visual follows KenDough and a popular footworking crew GoonSquad Chicago. The song is about making your own way despite everything that is going on around you and celebrating the end of an era by doing a “40’s” dance. By changing his moniker, KenDough Slice embarks on the next era with a clear and cohesive vision.