August is Black Business Month that focuses on Black Excellence. We like to introduce you to our August/September issue of The Black Excellence Society Atlanta Chapter Co-Leads, Gina Johnson, Rudy Simpson and Lana Adams.

Make sure to read the full interview below.

What Does Black Excellence Mean To You?

Rudy – When we talk about Black culture, the only word that comes to my mind is “excellent.” As Black people, we were always taught that being excellent was the best way to defend ourselves against a system that was designed to defeat us. However, we continue to defy the odds and rise up to our fullest potential the way our ancestors knew we would– that’s Black excellence.

Gina – As Black people, we are born with a magic that brings life and creativity to everything we do. We are excellent from the day we step out of the womb. Everything we do is informed by a rich history that makes us naturally excellent.

How Did It Give Us The Opportunity To Network?

Lana – BES is about community. We are dedicated to working together to help each other elevate both in our professional and personal lives. Our founder, Rashaad Lambert has always been dedicated to creating platforms for Black people where we can rally around our shared mission of Black empowerment and build together.

What are the requirements to Become a Member? How Can They Be Involved?

We accept Black and Brown people that are aligned with our mission of community. There is no formal application process at this time due to our recent transition from FTC to Black Excellence Society. We are currently accepting applications on a referral basis.

What are Some Things That are Coming Up for the Year?

We use our official BES app to update our Atlanta hub chapter on news and events in our local area. We just recently hosted a happy hour in Atlanta in August and are planning events for the rest of the year. Members can also suggest events and programming they would like to see through our form in the BES app.