I AM Phreshy Brand, Sovereign Brands and AMPD365 have partner up and present “On The Edge: Music, Friends & Culture,” a sizzling new game show that merges entertainment, enlightenment, and exhilaration. Created by the ingenious minds of Derrian “Phreshy” Perry and Zeplyn Tillman, this innovative series will redefine fun in pop culture that is out now on YouTube! It is a show that pushes boundaries and brings together the worlds of music, friendship, and black culture like never before. “On The Edge” is not your average game show; it’s an experience that will ignite your senses, challenge your knowledge, and celebrate the essence of diversity. They made sure that there is no room for dull moments.

The hosts will be by influential talents from the music industry along with one of their closest friends. The show will be a thrilling exchange of questions mixture of music, friendship and black culture. If the hosts or their closes confidants pass on a question, the guests will brave a chip paired with hand-selected hot sauces that increases in heat as the rounds intensify. There will be three segments that includes Song Association, Questions About Their Favorite Artists and This or That.