Atlanta singer-songwriter, Mariah The Scientist, releases her new single visual to “From A Woman” in prior to her first studio album, To Be Eaten Alive, that is set to be released on October 27. It features the singer ensconced late-night romantic setting that is joined with Young Thug on the small screen. As though Thug’s appearance isn’t physical, his presence is felt, and Mariah’s intimate performance doubles as an ode to their performance.

As a plot twist, music video also acts as a pseudo-double feature, and pairs with Young Thug’s “From A Man,” video, his first new release since Business is Business, his third studio album released this summer.  Mariah has been adamant throughout her career about letting true events and emotions dictate her creative direction, and a set of “his and hers” music videos serves as yet another unique offering from the versatile artist. In “From A Man,” scenes of “From A Woman” are interpolated with a more physical version of Thug, who prances underneath the night sky with traditional Young Thug gusto as he gushes over Mariah. The sentiment is mutual.